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After creating a good number of articles, the next difficult task is how you can  get readers for your blog. As we saw in the secret of becoming a top notch blogger in 2018, this can be tasking and discouraging for new bloggers who lacks the necessary tools and strategy to find that audience and that reader that will always keep coming back, sharing your post, giving their feedback and commending your work. In this article I will list out the top 10 ways to increase blog readers and also facilitate user engagement.

So, how do we find readers to our blog?

1. Using Webcrawlers.

This is an effective tool to find your target audience. However, it requires a little bit technical skills to make the most from it. For instance, if the keyword that your site offers is popular or hot, that means, the position at which your content appears is based on the highest bid making it more expensive. Almost all web crawlers and social networks offer this services like google adwords, yahoo, bing etc

2. Optimize your blog.

This is where beginners flop, if your weblog is not effectively optimized for SEO, people will find it difficult locating your blog. By tweaking some major seo techniques like post titles, using meta tags and link trapping, you can get your weblog on the front page of popular web crawlers. This can greatly impact on your weblog as you are not scouting for readers, but you are directly getting access to readers who are interested in the services that you offer.

3. Niche Blog Engagement

Make a list of blogs in your niche, one after the other, start commenting on their articles as they get published leaving a link to your own website, make sure you do not give the ‘spamy’ impression.

4. Have a cloud

Image result for NETWORK CLOUDWhen I started blogging, getting traffic was very difficult, I had to beg friends to view my website, but that was then, now I am well equipped considerably with ample information that can transform a completely new blog to a top notch blog in less than 6 months. By getting a cloud, submit your website url everywhere you go. If your site link is located on 1000 blogs (perhaps in their comments, or articles) you should not expect any less than 800 page views daily at worst.

5. Effective Post titles

Pick that post title that creates anticipation and is likely to attract the most viewers. Remember irrespective of what your content is, the first impression your users get when they search is gotten from your title. A little advice, do not use titles that are so flooded and popular, tweak them in such a way that they are unique to prevent competing with already established blogs

6. Quality content.

It is one thing to find readers, it is another thing to keep them. One way to find readers is to write quality content, take your time and get it right. Beginners will always hurry to get a lot of articles on their weblog without taking the necessary time and effort to get quality content, as such their traffic rises and falls but if you have quality content, your visitors will keep coming back and they will be glad to leave their emails while going.

7. Do not be stingy:

One mistake bloggers make is being stingy with sharing links, if you cannot link back to someone who you got a content from, how can someone link back to you? Always link back, as google can through the links determine where to rank your site. This doesn’t mean linking to your competitors that are offering exact services and in a better form compared to you, else you may be bidding your visitors goodbye . Ensure you add rel=’nofollow’ tag to untrusted and advertising out going links.

8. Post frequently:

I have had a lot of problems with this. During my last survey, a lot of people unsubscribed from blogs because their emails were being flooded with lots of posts a little fraction of the respondents claimed that they unsubscribed because they were no updates at all. If you want to keep your readers, post frequently and send newsletters perhaps once or twice per week. Use a good mailing service to hold post updates in queue till the weekend or when you choose to send the mail.

9. Guest blogging:

Do not be too stingy to write articles for blogs that are way higher than yours, leaving at least a link to your website. Always aim high, write to blogs you admire to link to your site or add you to their blog roll and do the same for them or even more. One major hindrance I see in bloggers is their inability to give out quality content for free. You should avoid this if you intend to grow your readers.

10. Submit your content.

Use feed aggregators and social networks to submit your content and make it viral on the social media. For wordpress users, you can use any of these plugins to automate posting to social networks.  Don’t just isolate yourself, allow comments on your blog, reply to comments, create an account in suitable social networks that will foster your blog, you must not be active in them all, using suitable plugins as I said earlier, you can automate posting to these social networks as simple as abc.

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Friends Appreciate when you share with them

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