Key Strategies to Building a powerful blog

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I think I should start this month by giving out one of my most important discoveries in the blogosphere – how to build a high traffic blog in 6 months or less. Blogging while being considered as a way of generating passive income online is becoming rampant and a lot of people dive into it and get stuck along the line due to improper grooming, they end up discouraged. For you to become a top notch blogger, there are some tips you should implement, which you will see in this guide.

Blogging is not as easy as some may claim, it demands time and efforts. If you must succeed in blogging, then you must have these techniques at your fingers.


  • This article is for that individual who intends to turn his blog into a money making machine without unnecessary stress and frequent updates – that is ‘internet hustling’.
  • For the total beginner who wants to build a high traffic blog  in less than 6 months.
  • For the blogger who wants to optimize his site to get more readers


It is not unusual to start up a blog with a variety of content so wide that you don’t even know where you are heading to. For instance, you blog about celebrities, web development, business, marketing, gossips, education….. this can make your blog look visionless, your viewers will immediately get the impression that you are confused. I do not particularly preach “getting a defined niche” ( that does not work), rather let your contents be closely related, diffuse but related. This will help you get your target audience , increase return visits, click through rate etc.


know your audience to know how to approach them

This particularly is the difficult part, who are your audience? What part do they come from? How skilled are they? How educated are they? How can you get them? If you cannot answer these questions, you should be clear that you won’t succeed in blogging. Just as it is in public speaking, if the audience and the speaker are not in phase, your speech irrespective of how perfect will make little impact. The language of your blog should suit your audience, if your target audience are professionals, you must lift up your standard to offer professional services, using colloquial English may be a first sign of blog disaster.


This is one major secret I learnt, having a blog with 6o articles that is  worth more compared to a blog with 6000 time dependent articles. Let your content be time independent. In this blog for instance, the articles are created such that in 10 years time, they will still have relevance. This has a lot of advantages and it saves you lots of work.


This part is the most important part, after you have created your articles and equipped your weblog, the next step is getting your audience. Where do you find your readers? The internet is such a huge place with a huge variety of users, the beginning of a successful blog is embedded in its ability to find its audience. If you find your target audience, they will take it upon themselves to share your posts, write encouraging comments, give commendation, refer back to you and life becomes easier. If you fail to find your audience, your sales will decrease, your adverts will not be clicked, you will beg for your post to be shared, your bounce rate will increase, and ultimately your page rank will fall. I extensively dealt with this in this guide to finding your target audience. Be sure to see it. To ensure you do not lose your readers, place a subscription form on your weblog to collect their emails.


No matter the design of your site, irrespective of your maintenance costs, content is king. Nobody comes back to your website to see the design (except a few developers like me), they visit to find solutions to their problems. Take a look at as simple as it looks, it has only three colors: white background, blue links and black texts, yet it has the highest use. See? You should focus more on writing quality articles, with a reasonable length. Write first for humans not google bots.


Know that you have 4 minutes or less to convince a visitor to read your content. Stay simple, used well optimized images, have a good responsive and elegant design, do not try to make your blog too flashy, that’s not what your users are after. Ensure your fonts are eligible and your page loads quickly, remove unnecessary graphics and focus more on providing quality content with a professional and simple interface.


The truth is, if you are broke, you cannot maintain a blog, you can start off with cheap hosting companies and shared hosting services, but as your blog gets popular and viewers increase, your page loading speed will  be affected, you may need to upgrade to a wider bandwidth and more efficient disk space, so you will need to choose between paying more or losing some of your viewers. If you do not have a strong financial strategy, you will lose out. I am not saying placing adverts randomly and scattered on your site, that is a very poor strategy as modern browsers provide users with the functionality of hiding ads and it also annoys your users when every link is an ad. Instead device numerous income strategies for your blog.


Should I tell you what kills blogs? Ctrl C and Ctrl V, when web crawlers discover that you are just copying from another website, this can greatly harm your page rank. I am not saying that all you write must be from your head, no one is an island, rather, instead of just copying verbatim, do some research, add originality to your work, this will make you stand out, it will hurt a little, but it will pay off.  When your users know that they can get all your website contents from another platform, you will find it difficult keeping them.


Yes, just what it says, recycle old contents.Take old articles, edit, add more content and republish them, make it new again. This has a lot of impact on your SEO as it will portray the content as being more recent. By doing this, you are saving yourself of more work and increasing the revenue of your posts.


Thank God for social networks, finding readers and being in consistent touch with them have never been easier. Be social, create accounts with networks that will positively impact  your website, as all social platforms do have their pros and cons. For instance, if you have a video blog or a photography blog, then instagram can be a good choice.


Ads are annoying to users, it deteriorates user experience, do not flood your website with adverts rather place adverts at strategic locations and neatly too. Do not use ad networks / platforms that have server issues. Instead of using much advertisements, discover other ways you can generate income from your blog.


Are there services you offer, try making them for free, give discounts and promotional offers. Yea, sacrifice that for the success of your blog, get their feedbacks. Create those designs and deliver them for free.


I hope this article was helpful? Help me by just sharing it below. Thank you.

Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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