Freshers Guide to Nigerian Undergraduate Scholarships 2018/ 2019

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In this article, I would like to create a guide that would address questions and issues relating to Nigerian undergradute scholarships that are on the mind of students especially freshmen in Nigerian Universities and polytechnics. At the end of this article you would be enlightened and will have all the tools/knowledge necessary for successful Nigerian undergraduate scholarship application.

Note that it is important to keep yourself updated on scholarships, as there are some already approaching deadline

Who is this article for?

This article is for freshmen / year ones in polytechnics and tertiary institutions who are curious to know more about scholarships for Nigerian undergraduates, how to win them and how they work.

In this article, I would be handling the following issues:

Firstly, I would want to emphatically state that scholarships are real. Remove all the notions that insists they are scam, inasmuch as there are some scam scholarships, there are ways to recognize that a scholarship is likely to be a scam. With that established, Lets get started.

What are Scholarships?

Scholarships are just what they imply, agencies, organizations, governmental bodies and companies in a bid to facilitate education and encourage excellence usually set aside a percentage of their profits to sponsor indigent, bright and brilliant students in Tertiary institutions. Multinational companies (example MTN,SHELL,AGBAMI,CHEVRON) as part of their corporate social responsibility are entitled to sponsor a percentage of their citizens where they operate. This sponsorship is for a set of people who stands out in performance. The diagram below shows the usual process.

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Process of Nigerian undergraduate scholarship application and awards
Process of Nigerian undergraduate scholarship application and awards

The scholarship benefits and features differ with the scholarship body responsible, reimbursement may be annual, one-time payment or bi-annual. For instance, being  victorious in PTDF Scholarship scheme, you are entitled to over NGN400,000 yearly grants. Once you are victorious in any scholarship programme, you are entitled to receive the benefits specified in its award letter.


The first step in obtaining a scholarship to fund your studies is to apply (See this list of ten notable undergraduate scholarships you should apply for in year one and the amount they pay). In application, You need to have certain documents which should be neatly scanned and uploaded to the scholarship application website(usually in jpeg format). Once you have successfully uploaded the documents and meet the requirements, then you can now apply. After application, you will have to wait for them to finalize the selection process using some unknown algorithm which we suspect to be:

  1. Clarity of documents
  2. State
  3. Academic reputation
  4. Institution
  5. Course of study
  6. Authenticity of documents

As I said earlier, we do not know the criteria that suffice for their selections, those listed above are hypothetical suggestions that are believed to be valid.

If you are successful during this process, you will receive an email and/or sms informing you that you are expected to participate in a screening test excercise, if it is a merit based scheme, your performance in this test determines whether you would be awarded or not.

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After the screening test, if successful, usually you are enlisted as potential winners, the company would send your names to your department in your institution to confirm your profile.  As long as you are not faulted, you would receive the award and begin to enjoy the scholarship benefits.

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How do you get shortlisted?

We cannot expressly say how you can be shortlisted but we have some best practices that have enabled past applications get shortlisted which I will list out below. If you abide with these set of rules, you have greater chances of getting shortlisted for any Nigerian scholarship that you apply for.

  1. Ensure your documents are neatly scanned
  2. Ensure the file size is not more than 500kb (about 220 – 320kb preferably)
  3. Ensure you upload scanned copies of original documents
  4. Ensure that your documents are authentic, valid and not falsified by any means
  5. Ensure you upload accurate information including your GPA
  6. Ensure that your email address does not immediately disqualify you. Using email addresses like,, is not only stupid but pitiful
  7. Ensure you have all the required documents and they are complete
  8. Always preview documents before submitting.


Are there exams? If Yes, what are they like?

Yes, You are usually examined on general knowledge questions on sections such as Numerical reasoning, Abstract reasoning, Verbal reasoning and sometimes current affairs. For more information about this sections visit this article. In the numerical reasoning section, you are expected to know ratios, percentages, cost, graph analysis, sequences , series and sometimes probability, permutations and combinations.

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How many scholarships can one win?

There are no limits, however due to the invention of scholastica, your account is limited to only one scholarship. Although this is not usally the case as we have records of multiple beneficiaries with one account, but for record purposes, scholastica was supposedly created to ensure that few individuals do not just enjoy these scholarships because of their smartness by limiting each scholastica  account to one scholarship.

How do I get started?

To start the process, you need a scholastica account, kindly follow the procedures outlined in this article to set up your scholastica’s account,

Next, print your profile and take it to your department for endorsement.

Next, subscribe with us for email updates and sms alerts to keep you updated on all Nigerian scholarships.


Scholastica is your One Stop Scholarship application where one profile can be used to apply for multiple scholarships. This saves you the stress of having to upload your documents every time and keeps you updated on ongoing Scholarships.

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  3. How to perform tremendously well on undergraduate scholarships aptitude test

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