Advise to all Undergraduates wishing to be Scholarship Winners

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As we all can vividly tell, scholarship applications for the year 2018 is gradually coming to a halt. Almost all major applications have ended and we are waiting for a few.

This post is birthed through multiple experiences and a sincere approach to help students who are privileged to be enrolled in scholarship oriented courses like engineering.

It is meant for those who want to study under the tutelage of a scholarship in Nigeria and concentrate more on their studies. At the end of this post you should be able to ascertain and adequately prepare yourself for the soon coming tests.

1. Past Questions.

In my own time, I was shortlisted for almost all the scholarship programs I applied for. I got a taste of them all.  If I see the past questions, I will immediately recognise it. However, it is pertinent for me to let you know that most of the past questions you see on blogs around are not legitimate. That is the reason why we are yet to start selling past questions. We cannot sell something captioned say “SNEPCO Scholarship Past Questions” when they are made up of random aptitude test questions from different resources. That is majorly what you find online these days.

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Companies do not actually give out their past questions, so it is rare to find one. However, if we get the needed support we need and obtain the relevant and authentic past questions we will surely let you know.

Not withstanding, if you need past questions, you are likely to get authentic past questions for the following scholarship applications: Total Scholarship and PTDF Scholarship including Dragnet powered applications. Any other should be held with one leg even FSB Scholarship have modified their test.

2. Practice and Prepare

Preparing for scholarship tests do not start the day you are shortlisted. If you have taken a scholarship test, you would understand that the questions are simple but with limited time.

To perform efficiently on scholarship tests you need to prepare yourself before hand. I will advise you make a routine of practising aptitude test questions. Get a copy of GMATS and use it daily/weekly even if it is 15 minutes a day. You would gradually improve your aptitude and this will pay off even in internship tests and job tests too. So start preparing.

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3. Know your organizers.

If I am taking a test handled by dragnet today, I know which materials I need to use to prepare for Dragnet Tests. Know your organizers and the test sections. Learn how to manoeuver questions, it is not all questions that need solving. Some you can accurately eliminate incorrect results by mastery.

So always be prepared. MB Scholars wish you luck in your applications.


Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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