PRESCO Scholarship: Scam or Not?

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PRESCO Oil Company offers genuine scholarships. However, this particular application is perpetrated by scammers to defraud students, as PRESCO have no knowledge of such application. We will notify you when the real PRESCO scholarship begins.

The events of past years have necessitated the approval of scholarships and award programs before they are announced on authority blogs, however, I did not initially approve the publishing of PRESCO undergraduate scholarship program on mbscholars weblog, but decided to give it a try as we did to African Charity last year which we later dismissed as scam, due to obvious reasons.

News have it that presco scholarship has shortlisted candidates for her screening test, which will be taken online.

The following questions should be answered by the end of this post.

  1. Is Presco scholarship a scam?
  2. Is presco really an oil company?
  3. How genuine is Presco Scholarship?
  4. Are there evidences of the scholarship awards?
  5. What is the criteria for being shortlisted for the scholarship?

First, I will briefly table down the signs to know a scam scholarship.

  1. Shortlists everyone who applies
  2. Test is always conducted online
  3. Unverifiable information
  4. Wrong grammar and poor tenses
  5. Collects money for scholarship processing
  6. No support and contact persons
  7. No track record

Gladly, Presco oil scholarship failed some of the tests.

Is Presco really an oil company? Yes Presco is an oil company but not crude oil or petroleum, rather vegetable oil and other farm products. You can visit their official website.

How genuine is Presco scholarship?

Presco plc have arguably being granting scholarships to students from specified locations in Nigeria.

…Such projects include the Presco Scholarship Scheme under which twelve students from host communities at Cowan, Obaretin and Ologbo each receive NGN100,000 as annual scholarship grant.

Quoted from:

According to the (link here)

Presco Plc has been declared winner of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agriculture award for two years covering 2016 and 2017.At a ceremony held in Lagos, Presco Plc was announced winner…..

The Nigeria Agriculture Awards (NAA) committee said that Presco’s CSR focuses on the provision of educational infrastructure and scholarships, road maintenance, provision of electricity……

Tony Uwajeh who received the award on behalf of the company explained that Presco remains committed to its CSR Policy……Presco impacted positively on its host communities and environs in critical areas.

Hence, we can say that Presco scholarship is confirmed to be awarded to host communities only. Now the question is: Were all those who registered  for the scholarship program shortlisted irrespective of their communities? Most of the people that I know of who applied were shortlisted, if you applied for the scholarship and you were not shortlisted please notify us using the comment box.

If all those who applied were shortlisted (irrespective of their states and community) and from previous records, awards have been given to candidates in their host communities (“…Presco Scholarship Scheme under which twelve students from host communities at Cowan, Obaretin and Ologbo each receive NGN100,000 as annual scholarship grant”.), what does this mean to “foreign” candidates who were instructed to pay NGN2,750 for receiving an access code?!

I will not dismiss presco scholarship as scam, but I will advise that if you are from their host communities, it may be an opportunity, but if you are not, Be wise.

For any other complaints, if you want to hear from  them, you can contact them using their details below.

Presco Plc

Obaretin Estate
Km 22 Benin / Sapele Road
Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area
Benin City
Edo State

Tel: +234-803-413-4444 ( MD Secretary )
Tel: +32 (0)2379 9231
Fax: +32 (0)2379 9232


Contact Persons :

Mr. Felix Nwabuko MD/CEO
Mr. Thor Bakken Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Anthony N. Uwajeh Relations Manager/Head of Administration
Mr. Jagdish Kavathar Sales and Marketing Manager
Mr. Patrick Uwadia Company Secretary



Thank you.

Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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7 thoughts on “PRESCO Scholarship: Scam or Not?

  1. I and a few number of people wasn’t shortlisted for the scheme but I’ve seen those that were shortlisted and text sent to them.

  2. It’s a SCAM Big time, went for an excursion to PRESCO last year and learnt like you said specific locations under recommendations, the application process is offline, you submit your application.

  3. The referred post was not done by Presco Plc. It is a total scam!!

    Please note that the following disclaimer notice is already on Presco’s website –

    “It has come to the knowledge of Presco Plc that there is currently in circulation a purported scholarship programme, tagged “Presco Oil Nig. Scholarship Programme”, obviously being perpetrated by criminally minded persons, who are out to extort money from unsuspecting scholarship seekers, using the name of Presco Plc.

    Presco Plc hereby warns the general public that it is not in any way connected to such scholarship programme, neither does it sublet its Host Community Scholarship Scheme to any third party, nor offer scholarship via any online link.

    Anyone dealing with any such agency purportedly acting on behalf of Presco Plc, does so at his/her own risk.

    Please be warned!!

    For enquiries, reach Presco Plc via the contacts on its website

    Signed: Management

  4. Ivwas shorlisted and was asked to pay a sum ot two thousand seven hundred and fifty naira fir the access code but since you said the award will only be given to people from their side,i guess i have to withdraw

  5. I’m 100% sure that it’s s scam. I WAS shortlisted though I’m not a community member and attempted to pay the money but upon transferring the ‘account’ didn’t exist. I tried to go back to the message Presco sent to me about me being shortlisted over six times the page couldn’t come up. Google kept saying that it was an Error 404(the page did not exist).

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