How to get Foreign Internship(Abroad) from Nigeria

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So far, we have concentrated our efforts to the internship and SIWES opportunities for Nigerians in 200 Level, 300 Level, 400 Level etc. However, It is important to know that there are foreign internship opportunities available for Nigerian undergraduates/graduates from 200level and above in foreign countries. The foreign undergraduate internships available for undergraduates are many but are limited to certain disciplines and regions. Note most of these are paid internships abroad and cover travel and accommodation cost.

In this article, we will be revealing outstanding tips which we obtained from experienced individuals who were privileged to know about these on time and be part of it also.

Note, interning abroad is the international experience for you. If you are ready to learn all you need to know to secure an internship abroad? Stay tuned and get the information that will send you to a life of your dreams.

How do you find a foreign internship offer?

The following are guides to aid your chances in landing the foreign internship you deserve.


Although you must have noticed that Internship abroad is restricted to various region or continents. Whenever you see an internship offer with the inscription – EMEA, This stands for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Internship with the designation of EMEA means that all Africans including Nigeria can apply. So when next you seek an internship abroad focus on l EMEA internships, this is usually located under the eligible groups/ target groups.

2. Different Countries, Different Seasons

While different continents and countries have the different definition of seasons which define certain quarters of the year, there are four notable seasons in most Western Countries which are:

  • Autumn(fall),
  • Spring,
  • Winter and
  • Summer.


  1. the Autumn runs from September 1 to November 30,
  2. Winter runs from December 1 to February 28,
  3. Spring runs from March 1 to May 31,
  4. Summer runs from June 1 to August 31 for the Northern Hemisphere which covers Europe, USA.

Watch out for the period of the internship (their seasons) and search wisely for the one that suits you. I have observed that Summer Internships account for the most internship offers with the longest duration having about 8-12 weeks while other seasons have about 2-3 weeks. Watch out for the future update on Internship based on the seasons.

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3. Categories and level of experience

Do you know that even as a 200 level student you can get an internship abroad? Yes, I would have attempted the 2-3 weeks internships, If I was aware of them earlier in my course of study. I noticed that there are different requirements of which some are based on little or no experience where the 100 levels, 200 levels or 300levels can apply while others are for penultimate and final year students with a certain level of experience (which we will discuss later).
I have found internships which are for the categories of 200level and 300level and those for the penultimate level (300level for 4-year course and 400level for 5-year course), and job offers while at the final year of your course of study.

If you are in any level, be rest assured that you will find out the internship for your level if sought well. Watch out for this – my next post “Foreign Internship opportunities for different levels“.

From observation, 200level and 300level (for 4-year course) are limited for those 2-3 weeks internship as this could take place during the course of study while the penultimate levels have the longest duration.

How will I know when applications for Foreign internships start?

Well, there are many websites that provide such information apart from searching with google, you can find foreign internships from the following sources. Note the list is not limited to these.
3. Mbscholars: We are the last on the list because we are about to expand our horizon to include foreign internships basically for Africans – Nigerians. So as to save you the stress of tirelessly scheming through the unending list of opportunities not meant for you.

2. Go Abroad: Launched and conceptualized in 1997, GoAbroad first set out to fill the information gap between students with a desire to travel abroad and companies offering international programs.

1. Opportunities for Africans: Here, you need to be mindful of the countries eligible using what we have told you.

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Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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