Make No Mistakes, See Answers to 2019 PTDF Scholarship Application.

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In this post, we are giving answers to the common questions and confusions as regards ongoing 2019 PTDF Scholarship application for undergraduates.

Yesterday, the application for 2019 Petroleum Development Trust Fund (PTDF) Scholarship for undergraduates began. However, there are lots of questions been asked by undergraduates as regards the applications so that they do not make mistakes. We have created a compilation of the different answers to those questions using past experiences and the information made available to us.

Who is eligible to apply  for PTDF Undergraduate Scholarship?

Undergraduates from Federal Universities

Which Courses / Field of study should Apply for PTDF Scholarship?

Petroleum related fields. However, all engineering students should endeavour to apply.

Which level is eligible to apply for?

Those admitted during the 2017/2018 academic session. This is the very confusing part because of the  CGPA requirement which is virtually impossible in ANY FEDERAL UNIVERSITY in Nigeria and application is restricted to Federal Universities. Funny

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However, If I should advice, I will advise that both 100L going to 200L and present 200L going to 300L should apply. This is from previous experience

How much is PTDF Undergraduate scholarship worth?

The award letter contains annual grants worth up to NGN500,000 for the full duration of your course

What is the application Link?

When is the application ending?

16th November, 2018

How is the exam like?

Previous years was not like normal aptitude test. It looked like JAMB exam and it was taken at various schools.

Is the exam Computer Based?

No. (Using Federal University of Technology as a case study as at the last concluded exam)

How long before disbursement?

6 months – 1 year

How long does the scholarship last?

For the full duration of your course

What if I only have GP and not CGPA as a 100L student?

Use it as your CGPA. Which 2017/2018 admitted student in a Nigerian Federal University have CGPA by now?

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I hope these answers the most relevant questions, if you still have other questions, ASK BELOW.



Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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  1. Thanks for the updates. I can’t find the application button on the website just information on the scholarship. How do I go about that please?

  2. What do I fill in the space of institution attended ? It is always showing me the ” add altleast one institution ” message after I have filled my university . I am in 100 level.

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