Your Goals will fall right between your eyes. If you dont do this

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Setting goals is a thing that is familiar amongst young people and it is a pointer to success. Someone who is into the habit of Goal setting will find it easier to move from one level of success to another. However, more important than Goal setting is the ability to attain it.

So many people set goals – students set goals with respect to their academics, finance, relationships etc. The problem really is not goal setting, the issue here is goal attainment. How can I be able to achieve my goals.

In this post I will be dishing out techniques I use to achieve my goals and gladly it might work for you too.

The first thing you might want to get into your mind is that, you are not the only one setting goals. There are more than 1 million of you right now. 

What stands you out? What assures you that you are going to achieve your goals? How sure are you that you are not going to be among the 80% who live their lives working to achieve the goals of others? Your ability to answer this question is the beginning of goal achievement.

I will be using some case scenarios to explain this concept. As I pointed out in what clearly defines a successful student, you need no one to tell you that the first step in achieving your goals is to direct 90% of your energy away from the goal itself.

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It is overwhelming how much success an individual can acquire by practising little things consistently. Hence, you should endeavour to develop yourself while in school.

How do I achieve my goals

  1. Set it
  2. See it
  3. Develop Action Plan
  4. Occupy
  5. Execute
  6. You are here


The first step is defining what your goal is. The definition should be clear enough and simple too.
For instance: I want to intern with schlumberger, I want to graduate with a first class degree, I want to learn web development etc.

Now write this on a piece of paper: The goal I want to work on is to ………………..

Writing it on a piece of paper points to your consciousness that this is very important. In Neuro Linguistic Programming of the mind, the more organs you engage in a task, the stronger the impression on your consciousness.


Imagine your goals have been completed. Imagine you have achieved your goals already. What will you look like? I remember when I set the goal to save up to NGN500,000 by December 2018. Well, I flew myself into December, having my goals completed and feeling the feel. 

Why is this step important. Imagination is a powerful ability of the human mind that makes it impossible to distinguish the reality from the imaginable. If you do this long enough with strong consciousness your mentality will bend slightly.

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To increase the intensity of this, engage more organs. For instance, which music will you be listening to when you have achieved your goals, which speech will you be making when that is done? Do all those things. The longer this step, the stronger the embodiment.

Develop Action Plan

When people set goals, what they are invariably doing is creating another person with a slightly different personality. The ease at which they become this new person is the ease at which that goal is attained.

For instance, I want to be a more serious believer by 2019, the new 2019 individual is different from the person now. What will the 2019 believer be doing that the person now is not yet doing? That is the action plan. What would you do differently?

If say I want to make a first class degree I know that I need to:

  1. Go to lectures
  2. Read text books
  3. Read wider into my field
  4. Narrow down reading to class activity
  5. Develop efficient study habits ….

I call this step feasibility study and this is where a lot of people fail. The reason behind the failures is inability to discover and understand oneself. Carry out your SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

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After this, break it into small daily or weekly tasks. Now picture yourself doing this task consistently. Punish yourself when you miss it. Forget the goal now, focus on the following the tasks.


Let your surrounding speak your goal. I remember one time I needed to stop playing Grand Theft. I first removed the icon from the desktop screen and that was it.

If you want to be anywhere in life knowing that your future is someone else’s present surround yourself with those people. Their pictures, their speeches, their videos, their books let everything around you speak your goal.

Run from poison and negative mindset. The moment you begin to pass a different message to your mind, the conflict is always destructive and guess which one overpowers? the negative. Remain positive until you have gotten there. Occupy yourself with positive attitude.

MY RULE: Keep faking it until you make it.


Yea, it is that simple. Just do it! Implement those tasks that you have outlined above.hi

You are here

The new individual has been created. Hurrah! It has happened for many people before. You can succeed on it too.

Live your best. No one really cares.


Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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