Undergraduate Internship Search Series. Pt 1/5

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We at mbscholars want to announce our internship search series for 2019 SIWES/Industrial Training Program. This series will probably last for a month and at the end of this series, you will have all the information you need to maximize your SIWES and ultimately get your career running.

In this series, we will incorporate talks, interviews, discussions, experiences, past questions(free of charge) for various positions  and so much more.  Please drop in the comment box your expectations for this series so that we can incorporate it in the agenda.

We will teach you how to approach interview questions and perform flawlessly.

For instance, take a look at this most popular interview questions that students fumble on when asked.

  • “Tell us about yourself?” or worse still, “who are you?”
  • Why should we hire you?

See, we understand the fear that most students face when searching for internship placements. We have been there before. Some have the bed already made for them while others have to hustle their way through. At the end of which, mistakes are made, lessons are learned.

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It is just four months remaining and I haven’t gotten an  I.T  placement!

O! God it is just four months remaining and I haven’t gotten an  I.T  placement! “It is always like that” you will always hear. But must it be that way? Can’t you get more than one placement and choose among them? Do not join others, step away from the crowd let us help you using  this internship search series so that you can intern like a boss easily without stress, you will be glad you joined.

Items that will be covered in this series include:

  1. Four outstanding strategies to search for I.T placements
  2. How to develop a stunning CV and Resume using some mind blowing Samples
  3. The best places to do your I.T
  4. Interview tips and How to flawlessly shine in your interview
  5. How to predict internship exam questions with past question also
  6. Companies you should start applying to now and so much more

So stay tuned to mbscholars as we bring these weekly series to you at no cost.  Do you have friends you wish to benefit from these series? Just use the share buttons below. Not yet a subscriber? Use the subscription box below to get these updates.

Friends Appreciate when you share with them

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    1. We almost suspended this activity and considered it an unprofitable investment, since there was no response. Well with your comment, I guess we may need to resume with our plans. Thanks Simon

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