2019 ADDAX Petroleum Nigerian Internship Program

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Addax Petroleum is a subsidiary of the Sinopec Group, one of the largest oil and gas producers in China, the biggest oil refiner in Asia and the third largest worldwide. As part of Addax commitment to the development of young professionals, APDNL is providing opportunities for bright and Intelligent undergraduates for its annual Summer Internship programme. See the full list of undergraduate internship opportunities for 400L SIWES

We have received information that Addax Petroleum is now accepting undergraduate internship applications  for the second batch in 2018. The details of the email is yet to be confirmed as subscribers are finding it hard to apply through the provided email address. You are therefore advised to submit the application manually at the venue or visit the career opportunities page.

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Eligibility and requirements for Addax internship

The addax Petroleum Nigerian internship Programme is Open to the following:

  • Engineering and GeoSciences Disciplines– Petroleum, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Geology and Geophysics
  • Social Sciences Disciplines – Economics, Accounting, Business Management, Law, International Management etc.
  • Candidates must be currently enrolled in a university with a minimum CGPA (cumulative grade point average) of 3.5/5 or 70%. Transcripts must be submitted
  • Completion of 2nd year of University degree program . (Final year students are NOT eligible for this program).
  • Meet other selection criteria as required for the program.

About the Addax Petroleum Summer Internship Program:  APDNL’s Summer Internship Program is an intensive program which provides successful applicants with the opportunity of being introduced to the rudiments of the business world. This program aims to be a learning journey in which the brightest minds come to work and dedication is on-going, giving place for professional and personal development along the way!

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How Can I Apply for Addax Internship Program

Please send an E-Mail (or submit manually at the respective locations) containing your

Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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13 thoughts on “2019 ADDAX Petroleum Nigerian Internship Program

  1. Can I still apply for undergraduate SIWES or IT placement in Addex petroleum company for an IT duration of 6 months starting from July to December

    1. Yea, possibly I have seen graduates taken for internships though they specified undergraduates in some companies. Not a guarantee though. You should give it a try. Please Applications are submitted manually

    1. Usually, applications run continually, we do not know if there is any running at this point in time but you can submit applications for a graduate internship program, if its available, they will let you know.

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