5 Smart Ways to Getting Your Choice Internship / I.T Place

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With the hustle and tussle of industrial training / Internship 2019 about to commence, I would love to put you in a set position where you are ready to make no mistakes. Most popular mistakes students make when it comes to Industrial training include the following:

  • Late Applications
  • Lack of information
  • Poor Applications

The common notion that you will be granted an Industrial Training placement because you are in 400/300L is absurd in our age.

I will list out some very smart ways you can use to get the internship placement of your dreams.This article is not dedicated to people who anything goes for, I am crafting this post for that individual who has a company in mind that he wishes to undergo his training.

If you do not have an industry/firm for industrial training in mind  already, go through this list of companies and industrial training program and register on the firm’s website (Most of them have applications running through out the year).


1.Make a choice and define what you want

There are many companies out there in different sectors.  You need to first make a choice. This choice is a very important step because most undergraduates are after anyone that works. You should not do this.

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2. Build Your Resume and CV

You should take this very serious, because your resume/cv is your fore-runner, it should be proactive and unique enough to drag the attention of your employer. See how to create a resume/cv for siwes application.

3. Get your documents ready

Prepare your documents to get prepared for the application

For those who would love to go to computer/I.T/Programming related companies, it will be helpful to have an official git-hub account.

4.Create the Connection

The connection is everything. There are commonly three ways to create the connection:

5. Be Corporate – Establish the Connection

Some industrial training placements like TOTAL E & P and AGIP needs you to be recommended by a staff. Thats one thing that chases 99% of students away from their programs. So how do I create this connection? Use LINKELDIN.

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If you do not have an online linkedin profile, stop joking and create one now. With linkedin you can easily find internship in your dream company. Just create an account, update your credentials, use the job search to find internships near you or search the company name and establish connections with their staffs. You can easily connect with company staffs using linkedin.

  • Search the keyword “intern” or “internship” or “industrial training” or search the company name like “Interswitch”.
  • Enter the location were you want the search results based
  • You will see many applications ongoing or company information




You may need to possess a good communication skill to be able to extract the needed information from them, and even get notified when their application commences.

6. Prepare for Interview

Start ups may give you only an oral interview but established companies will give you a test first before an oral interview. Mbscholars Library has a great collection of internship past questions for Major programs like Schlumberger, Exxon Mobil, SAPIEM etc.

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You should learn how to answer interview questions. Most popular questions include:

  • Who are you?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What subjects do you like?
  • Tell us about yourself?

Soon, we will be featuring different Industrial Training Programs and how to get them, just as we have tackled how to get schlumberger internship placement, how to get NNPC Industrial Training Placements.

Do not forget that the following industrial training placements are ongoing at this very point in time.

Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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  1. I have made connection with a staff working in Total E&P. He is currently helping me with a research paper, but how will he recommend me for the IT placement?

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