How to Get Internship or Industrial Training with Schlumberger Nigeria

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Getting an Internship placement, industrial training or job in schlumberger Nigeria is quite a transparent process. During my time, I applied for industrial training i.e  internship in schlumberger but I received a reply some months after that I did not meet the criteria. One of my other friend who applied just as I did was called further for test interview.

I found the difference in our applications even though I learnt the hard way, but I would love to unleash some of the differences, hopefully it would help you when you submit your own application.

In as much as schlumberger has some reserved industrial training and internship positions for exceptional students from various departments,( more like a tradition of hand picking top 3 from some departments in different institutions), You can still apply and get to intern with schlumberger even if you are not “exceptional”.

Why get Schlumberger Internship in Nigeria?

  • Schlumberger is the world’s leading provider of technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing to the oil and gas industry. Working in more than 85 countries and employing approximately 100,000 people who represent over 140 nationalities.
  • Schlumberger supplies the industry’s most comprehensive range of products and services, from exploration through production and integrated pore-to-pipeline solutions for hydrocarbon recovery that optimize reservoir performance.
  • You will get first hand knowledge about the industry which will further pave way for you if you intend to further in that field.
  • Internship with Schlumberger offer challenging global opportunities that will stretch your skills and help you reach maximum potential.
  • Schlumberger promote from within based solely on performance and potential.
  • They invest more time and resources in our training and development programs than any other oilfield services company.
  • Including other additional benefits that SIWES in Schlumberger gives.

Schlumberger Internship / Industrial Training Salary

For graduate internships, we do not have any information as regards to that. However for undergraduate industrial training, the salary is about NGN 60,000 a month. See more high paying industrial training companies in Nigeria.

Make your siwes your starting point, see how you can maximize your siwes even in schlumberger – the experience

How do I get to Intern with Schlumberger as an Undergraduate / Recent Graduate?

Every company has its culture and values. If you really want to get an internship placement with schlumberger, you should take some time to learn their culture and values. What they really want to see in you. This would help you tailor your resume not CV this time(except if you are explicitly demanded to do so). (Learn more about the difference between a resume and a cv for internship applications).

From my observations and my conclusions, the tips below will help you get an internship placement in schlumberger Company.

1. Apply Early on the Schlumberger Internship Portal:

I intentionally kept this at the first place, most established companies usually begin to call for applications three months before start date. Thus, if you want to start your internship in schlumberger in July 2019, you should drop your application at least by March 2019. Earlier than that can be ok preferably.

This is to give schlumberger sufficient time to review your internship application. If there is a public announcement for it. You can apply online or you can apply through courier services. See more information about that here

For online schlumberger internship application:

  • you need to visit the schlumberger internship career page
  • Click on apply now button by the right
  • create an account
  • fill in your details correctly
  • Login
  • Upload your qualifications
  • Select the relevant application
  • Apply

2. Build your person

As I said earlier there are some things schlumberger watches out for in persons they employ whether as an intern or staff.

For instance, in the year 2018 (this year), those hand picked by the departments were still tested. This time, it is not written aptitude test (Surely they would perform well) It was another test. They were asked to upload a 3 min video as to why they would love to intern with schlumberger. See?

To increase your chances of being called up for an interview or a test, you should develop the following areas of your personality, even if it entails going for a training or undertaking a position in an organization or  association.

The abilities highlighted in this category of personality development includes:

  • Good Listening and communication Skills
  • Ability to get things done
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to work in a team and get things done
  • Target Oriented
  • Creativity – Ability to think outside the box
  • Ability to adapt easily to changes
  • Internal Motivation
  • Ability to form Inter-personal relationships

I always encourage students to not sacrifice everything at the altar of making a first class, that you made a first class degree does not guarantee you a placement.

Some of these skills can be gotten by taking a leadership position, engaging in a challenging project, solving a problem in the society etc.

3. Craft your resume to suit Schlumberger Values

I used the word “craft” because Schlumberger is not just like a traditional, conventional company where you throw in your generic application and hope you are called.

If you want to get to intern in schlumberger, you should take time to build your resume, tailoring it down to emphasize that you embrace their culture and can easily adapt to their work ethics, how you would do this, is solely up to you.

I would recommend checking out some resume samples online or downloading a simple resume template. I personally do not advocate using CV for applications like this. See the differences between both here.

In crafting your resume, point out your personal qualities conspicuously. This is one difference between my rejected application and my friends accepted application. While I was busy listing my secondary school, primary school, date of birth …. my colleague took time to decorate his resume with his accomplishments,his personal qualities and areas it was exhibited.

4. Prepare for the Schlumberger Internship Interview

I have uploaded schlumberger internship aptitude test online in the internship category and it is available for free download at mbscholars library. I received the test pdf from a recent graduate, I hope it might be of help since I have not taken the test before, I cannot really say if they repeat questions.

I hope this short article will help you when submitting application for internships in big organizations.

Our internship search series will soon commence, I implore you to locate any of our subscription boxes to keep yourself updated with our amazing series that will be your eye into so many placements as we are featuring interns from many mouth watering companies.

Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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