Industrial Training / Undergraduate SIWES Application that will soon Commence

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In this post, we will be taking a look at important 2019 Undergraduate SIWES / Industrial Training offers that will start accepting applications this year. Recent requests and demands from students pursuing an undergraduate degree in tertiary institutions have prompted us to develop this article to let you know 2019 undergraduate SIWES / Industrial Training(I.T) opportunities whose applications will commence this year 2018. These (Industrial Training) I.T/SIWES application information is gotten from previous applications and there are links to them. You can get more information about them through the links.


How do you get a good Undergraduate SIWES / I.T placement ?

The truth is everyone hopes to find a good place to undertake his/her Industrial Training but very few find it, some even want to get internship placements abroad. Even getting access to the information as at when due is just 50% of the game, the real deal is your ability to make it through the rigourous process put out by top companies in screening candidates. Among this includes:

  • Your CV/ Resume, note there is a difference between a CV and a resume, so you should know when to submit each one. we hope to prepare a suitable article to cover this later.
  • Your aptitude, some of these companies set very tough aptitude test that without good information, you will be beaten while standing on one leg.

Don’t bother, if you are a subscriber to mbscholars website, then be rest assured that you have all the information you need for very important placements together with experiences from those who have interned in so many places that you hope to be.

Back to business, so which SIWES/Industrial Training applications will commence this year?

NLNG Undergraduate Industrial Training / SIWES (Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas)

Usually, applications begin December and the exam is taken in January/February. For this application, I think we submitted online via their career’s page, although there are options for offline submission. Whether you studied an Engineering course (Electrical, Mechanical or Petroleum Engineering, Computer Engineering / Science etc) or Social Sciences (Business Administration, Accounting, etc) or other courses, you’re welcome to apply.

About NLNG SIWES test: Well, NLNG SIWES/Industrial Training aptitude test was way too simple. Infact, you can hardly fail one question. Maybe they will make it tougher after going through this article. On that day, I can remember we were told that payment was NGN20,000 and we were going to Bona Island in Port Harcourt, the test was administered in Presidential Hotel Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

About NLNG Undergraduate SIWES Candidate Selection: We still do not know how they selected their candidates. There are some documents you need to come with to the venue.

2019 Schlumberger SIWES/Industrial Training For Undergraduates

Applications for this can be done online throught their career portal or you can send applications through post office or courier services. Apart from this, if you are among the top 4 in your department (I believe faculty of Engineering), then you have 70% chance of interning at Schlumberger. This is because, they usually visit selected departments to handpick the name of best students for their SIWES/Industrial Training program. Applications is usually always on. You can visit their career page to submit your applications.

Payments: Relatively high (Around 60K)

SHELL/SPDC Undergraduate SIWES / Industrial Training

About this, you are expected to submit some documents to an email, including your result! Their process is quite fuzzy. The best way to go about this is to submit application to the company with a staff’s recommendation. There is an option to submit online via their recruitment page. However, those who we knew that got it, got it through manual submission. We hope that their process will become transparent next year.

2019 Chevron Undergraduate SIWES/Industrial Training 

Chevron Oil company usually accepts I.T applications between October to December for their January to June internship. The 1st phase(January to June Industrial training) is less competitive and comparatively easy to get, however, their July to December SIWES looks like a tug of war. I believe you know why.

To submit applications, visit their official career page which is found in this article to start submitting applications.

Chevron SIWES Bursary / PAYMENT: Some people claim that they pay NGN30K. We haven’t confirmed this yet.

Genesys and  TENECE Undergraduate SIWES / Industrial Training.

This Industrial training is in the Tech industry, they accept I.T students for 3 months or 6 months SIWES program. So you can undertake your 200L/300Level/400Level SIWES here. For more information about them, visit this page on 2018 Internship application for  Gensys Tech Hub

OTHER Important Tips for SIWES / Industrial Training Application.

If you are an undergraduate seeking a placement for your SIWES program, you need to define what you want, do you need money and (or) experience or do you experience and (or) money? If you need money go to Information and Tech. firms, Oil servicing firms even start ups you will receive salary between (40K-80K) but if you want experience, you may be given 10K, 20K or NO PAYMENT. YOU PRAY FOR ITF.

Prepare your CV/RESUME for siwes application: Begin now to prepare your CV/Resume and note the key things companies are after when they look through your CV/Resume. Build one that can bring you up for interview. Though I am using CV/RESUME Interchangeably, let it be know to you that there is a difference between both of them. This we will explain in a later article.

Apply Early: Almost any reasonable company – multinational companies – Telecommunication, Banks, Oil companies etc all begin their applications about three months earlier before the actual program. So apply early do not wait until you have finished your examinations before you commence application.

Get your Academic Result Ready: Always demand your statement of result stating your cumulative cgpa. This is because most undergraduate SIWES application will demand it from you. For instance shell/spdc internship.

Stay Updated: We at mbscholars have sworn to do our best X2 of what we were able to accomplish in 2018 undergraduate internships. We will always be there for you given you all information you need at no cost, including past questions. For instance, the schlumberger internship past questions, exxon mobil etc have been left free for all our subscribers. All you need to do is to like our facebook page, locate any subscription box and enter your email address. We will do it for you as we have done for others.

Think Nigerian internships… think mbscholars.



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