Shortlisted? See Ultimate Guide to Egbin Power SIWES Program

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With the recent  update that Egbin Power Plc has shortlisted candidates for their 2019 January – June Industrial Training program. I wish to prepare the mind of our users on what they are likely going to pass through and questions they are to prepare for as they pursue the egbin siwes program.

Egbin Power Screening Test

After being shortlisted for the written test, your question becomes what are the likely questions that you are to encounter on that day. I will make a list of questions as much as I can remember and trust that some of our seniors who partook in the test that day can contribute using the comment box.

During the 2018 Screening test, we were given about 20 questions and an answer sheet numbered from 1 – 100. The questions were divided into sections numbered from 1 – 5, and you are required to answer serially, in other words if you miss any number, you have started failing from there, this means that if you are on question 4 in section 3, that corresponds to no. 14 on your answer booklet. It was a paper and pencil test.

Likely Questions for Egbin Internship / Siwes Program

First, you have to note that the company is a steam thermal power plant using a modified rankine cycle for power generation. simple questions about heat and internal energy, carnot cycle or introductory thermodynamics are expected.

You will also be asked reasoning questions like:

The length of a rectangle is 3 times is width. If the area is 40cm2 find the perimeter. 

You should also expect diagrammatic questions, questions that you would have to answer by interpreting a diagram.

Egbin Power Oral Interview Screening

There is nothing much here, it all depends on you. The question you will always be asked is:

Who are you? Introduce yourself?

For this question, you should start from your name and your institution then beautify your statements with what you have done, your passions, your huge accomplishments in the engineering field and why you want to carry out your training program in Egbin Power plc.

Whatever you say in the question above will form the bed rock of other questions.

What do you know about the power industry? How do you think power is generated?

You are not to go into details, but you can just go around what you know, example ” I know that power is generated by the generating stations at 16kv and stepped up / Transmitted to the grid at 330KV/132KV  to distribution companies who steps it down to 33KV/11KV for domestic and industrial consumption.”

For the B part, you may have to be wild and specific because there are different methods of power generation but each and every one consists of a working fluid expanding on a turbine that is mechanically coupled to a generator. The action of electromagnetic induction as defined by Faraday causes voltage to be induced and power is generated.

Why do you want to intern with Egbin Power Plc? What are your visions?

This one is solely up to you. You have to demonstrate passion, personal commitment, diligence, hardwork, enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Good luck in your application.

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Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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