UPDATE: Genesys Internship Contacts Successful applicants for next phase

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We have received confirmed information that the Genesys tech internship with codename: learnable contacted it’s successful applicants on Friday 16th of March to fill up a phone interview.

Congratulations, I am delighted to inform you that your application to Genesys Tech Hub for the Codename:Learnable Programme was successful.

Your next stage of the assessment process would be a phone interview with a member of our recruitment team. The purpose of the phone interview is to help us verify your fit to the chosen focus area in your application.

Kindly use the link https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ edit or the form below to schedule an interview.

We look forward to welcoming you to Genesys Tech Hub.

For further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact hello@genesystechhub.com or any of our social media handles.

We hereby compel all those who opted for the program to ensure that they check their mails immediately as the form is expected to expire after 48 hours. If you received the mail,  drop a comment and if you did not, check out other internship applications that is still ongoing and apply today.

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Do not hesitate to share this article, otherwise a lot of people may miss this information. Happy Sunday. 

Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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