How to write a winning CV/Resume for internship and SIWES Application

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It is so unfortunate that a lot of undergraduate  students in tertiary institutions lack the ability of developing a wonderful curriculum vitae,cv or resume. It is not all about applying for as many internships as you can, but being shortlisted for those you applied for is the problem. There are three major documents you need to have when applying for internships:

  • cover letter,
  • resume/curriculum vitae and
  • I.T form.

The I.T form is given by your institution to certify that you are now eligible to undertake in an industrial training/SIWES.

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I was privileged to attend a seminar or workshop  which took place in the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. The instructor (HOREBSON Resources) who have gotten acquainted with the process of job acquisition, internship placements etc  gave us valuable tips and exposed us to the techniques on how to write winning curriculum vitaes (cv’s) and cover letters – this I would be revealing in this article. Being called/shortlisted for an interview/test depends on the impression you give to your employer letting him know that you are the right candidate for the offer, this impression is embodied on your cv/resume.

The way you write a cv for an internship is different from that used when applying for a job. In this article, we will be examining expressly how to write winning curriculum vitae (CV) and we shall see a sample/specimen of an internship CV. The article is a little bit long, so I will compel  you to either sit back or save the page to view it later.

What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)/ Resume?

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Curriculum Vitae(CV) is a written description of a person, his or her previous job or work experience, interests and goal. It is usually a brief write-up with sub headings and tailored to suit a job/internship application or appointment. A resume/cv clearly outlines a person’s profile and presents him in a seductive way.

The following should be included: Name, age,date and place of birth and education, home address, cognate and job experiences. A cv/resume should include awards obtained and referees of the person seeking the appointment however note that common sense should be applied in the choice of referees. A likely hostile referee should not be used, as his comment when reached by a requisite organization could be very detrimental. His standing in the society should not be the sole consideration. What he thinks about you should be deeply considered.

When preparing a resume or cv for an internship since it is supposed that you do not have working experiences yet, you can use the PAR statement why? Every employer wants to know your accomplishments. So what’s PAR?

P – Problems encountered in your school, jobs or former I.T place

A – actions you took or actions you recommended

R – Results you obtained

For instance,

In my school where I served, there was poor academic performance among students before my arrival. After I discovered this problems, I recommended the following actions…. and as a result there was a dramatic improvement in the general academic performance that session.


Enough of the grammar, in writing a curriculum vitae (CV), the following sections are recognized.

  1. Heading
  2. Career Objective
  4. Education and training
  5. Work experience
  6. Personal Attributes/qualities
  7. Professional certifications
  8. Hobbies
  9. Referees



It is wrong to title your curriculum vitae with “curriculum vitae” you title with your name boldly written and centralized. Below it will contain your contact information like your Contact address, email address and phone number.



Contact: Lifest Camp, EKPL, Eleme, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

E-mail:,; Tel: 08xxxxxx


In this section you specify using bullet words why you want to work with the company. Your choice of words matter a lot. In this section your concentration should be to answer the questions: Why should we hire you? Why do you choose to work with this company?

Samples of statements you could use for your career objective includes:

  • To work with existing staff and facilities, contributing the best of my ability so as to improve organizational objectives and achieve managerial goals and target.
  • To strive for excellence and precision at all times, in all positions and circumstances, attaining professional distinction and proficiency.


This section encompasses your personal details which includes the following information:

  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Marital Status
  • State of Origin:

NOTE: You do not use state of origin and nationality at the same time.

Education and Training

Here you unleash all formal education acquired, the dates and certifications obtained.


  • Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO), Imo State
    B.Eng In Mechanical Engineering (In View)
  • C.S.I. Computer School, Umunze, Anambra State (2012)
    Diploma in Computing (Upper Credit)


In this section, you state in a clear and concise manner, your work experiences, this can be in your previous place of internship, or using the PAR technique which I outlined earlier.

Personal Attributes/Qualities

Have you developed any quality in the course of your studies like analytical skills, honesty, motivation, integrity, ability to work under pressure, working in a team etc, this is where to make it known in your cv.


In this section, you list out all the certification s that are relevant to the company you are applying for. Examples:

  • Certificate of Proficiency in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Book Keeping by so and so company etc


Your hobbies should be in line with the position you are applying for, for instance, if you are applying for an office work, traveling should not be a hobby for it is expected that you should be at a place. Instead, you could use chess playing, it improves your mind and analytical skills.

Examples of hobbies you could use include: Swimming, chess playing, reading, cooking etc


In this section , you are required to give at least two names and not more than 3 names of people with good standing in the society. You must inform them prior before using them ad, this is because a poor assessment from your referrer means termination of the process. You cannot win the internship/job application.


Mr. S. O. John

Head of Department

Transport Management

Imo State University, Imo State.



How to pass Job Interviews

Horebson Resources

ISBN: 978-066-789-X

Engineering Technical Report Writing

Dr. Njemanze


Having gotten to this point, I believe you can now generate your curriculum vitae by yourself. If you still need further explanations, use the comment box. I will be sure to attend to you. Later I will be sending out a sample cv in pdf or word format. Do not forget to share this post, help someone else.


Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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