How to Legitimately Upgrade your Jamb / UTME Score

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We are taking this post to let you know the ways by which you can upgrade your jamb score to above 250 or your university cut off mark. We at mbscholars are much more interested in your future and we have scholarships and industrial training archives geared towards helping you achieve your study goals in Nigeria.

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This is a warning to all who are searching for ways to change or upgrade their jamb scores that such lies are perpetrated by hungry scammers who are only interested in ripping you of the little cash you have. You are advised to stay clear from their lies and ignore whatever so called testimonies and fabricated comments generated to lure ignorant and poor performing students into paying for nothing.  Whatever the testimony may be, be rest assured that it is fabricated and all a lie, once your money is received, there are no refunds. If you really want to upgrade or boost your jamb result legitimately, follow the steps outlined in this article.

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Upgrading your Jamb Score and Result

  1. Study with the syllabus: Jamb releases their syllabus prior before exams, questions are generated from the contents of the syllabus, you should use the syllabus as a guide to study and test yourself and your performance using their mock exams available on the jamb website.
  2. Practice: Practice using jamb past questions, there are so many andriod applications out there on play store that provide you with real time simulation of the real deal. Use them to practice and familiarize yourself with the process.
  3. Ensure your computer is okay: You know that the exams are now computer based, before commencing the test, test your mouse to ensure it is responding and your keys are also responding if not, inform the operators.
  4. Ensure all options are attempted

There is  no other way to upgrade your jamb score, you either study hard and get a good result or study poorly and perform poorly. If you believe you deserve more than the score you were sent, then you can proceed to take Jamb to court, and God help you with that.


Friends Appreciate when you share with them