FSB Scholarship Result Update 2018

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With the application for 2019/2020 fsb (Federal Government) scholarship now ongoing, the question “Have FSB Scholarship released the award list for 2018” now dreads the minds of those who partook in the 2018 FSB Scolarship test that now looks like a typical Nigerian Project.

However, rumors have it that some centers have released the Federal Government Scholarship award list for 2018, and that it is available at the state scholarship board. The information which appeared as a notice to candidates to go check their names at the state scholarship board have led to a question: “What of those who did not take the exam at their state of origin rather took it at their school’s location?”, “Why can’t they send emails to successful candidates?”

Moreover, the only state we are having more intels is in Zaria (Kaduna State) which insists that their state scholarship board have the award list for successful candidates. We are still yet to verify this information.

More inquiries are being made at various state boards as I write now. We hope that more information will be made available soon. This post will serve as a thread to 2018 fsb scholarship result update. So please whatever info you have please get it across to us below using the comment box.  It will help fasten the process to getting this issue ironed out because men are not smiling.

Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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77 thoughts on “FSB Scholarship Result Update 2018

  1. So I bumped into a pdf file just like the previous one used to communicate to us our date and venue for exam and a date was scheduled for another exam which was 4/12/18….with both venues and exam time…. I don’t know if any other person saw that too on the fsb portal…… Cos it has been removed from there….

    1. “A friend who went to Kaduna state scholarship board
      to check his name today said he asked and was told
      the list with them is the general list sent to all other
      states’ scholarship board by FSB, so you can check in
      any state you are. And the list is not pasted.. they
      check it individually in their system with either your
      registration number or phone number..”

      As seen on nairaland

  2. Those that have checked the list in kaduna state were all shortlisted, which beg me to assume that the list was the 1 that was release as a PDF on fg portal. None has confirm payment.

  3. please anyone with d pdf should share it with me,,here is my gmail,,,,damudinurudeen@gmail.com,,,or on whatsapp 08102696267

    1. Hello, please do you mean those who wrote this January 17th, 2019? Has there been any information thereafter. Please contact me on 07033726350. Thank you.

  4. Please Admin how can I check the shortlisted names of those who participated in the federal government scholarship exam 2018?

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