2018 Chevron Scholars: Share Your Experience

Friends Appreciate when you share with them

It would be an anomaly if this year’s Chevron Scholarship examination as organized by Optimum Resources goes undocumented. After everything you have been through, the time wasted in the previous test, the rescheduling and now the final examination which took place yesterday.  This is the first of its kind!! Leave something for your successors to have a first hand glimpse into the test and not just speculations we do. Jump to comment box

I pray that all the efforts you put into this exam will yield wonderful fruit when the award list comes out and you bag your money.

So, How was the exam? What questions can you remember? What were the challenging questions you met? How was the checking or protocols? Were you allowed to use calculators? Jump to comment box.

Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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17 thoughts on “2018 Chevron Scholars: Share Your Experience

  1. From the whatsapp group:
    “The exam was tough, truth be told. Especially when it had to be solved without calculator. Permutation and combination…”

  2. There were tough permutation and combination questions. Probability questions also showed up. Generally the exam wasn’t easy. Some questions were actually unsolvable. 60 mins, 60 questions.
    The English wasn’t very easy, but it also wasn’t very hard. Sentence arrangement questions showed up. Words & Opposite, and so on

  3. The exam happened very fast ,I got there before my time for the exam and started immediately ,we were given 60 questions both maths and English to answer within 60mins.The exam was not so fine because there were no calculator to solve maths questions but the maths questions If I could remember where from word problems leading to simultaneous equation,statistics,permutation and combination and many others

    1. Nice summary. How about the English Section? Were you given Comprehension passage. Did the mathematics section have Graphs or Data sufficiency tests?

  4. It is divided into 2 sections. Math and English, 30 questions each. Calculators are not allowed for math
    Math include questions like probability
    English like idioms

  5. The exam was divided into two section , Math & English , the Math was 30 questions , lots of Probability, permutation and combination , word problem then the English was also 30 questions with comprehension , rearrangement of words, synonyms and so on , the time allowed was 60 minutes . Most of the calculations needs a calculator and the questions were tough compared to the previous one we wrote .

  6. I wouldn’t say the exam was that hard especially the maths aspect but the rule of no calculator (even not the on-screen calculator) spoilt everything. The English was not too hard also. 60 minutes 60 questions and that’s all.
    Also, if u want to finish the exam early, just go to the exam centre early because there is no particular order of entering arrangement. Thanks.
    Lagos, Nigeria.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Idris. Scholarship Test are not usually hard. What makes them appear so is the time and the “no-calculator” deal.

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