Update for 2018/2019 Chevron Scholarship Results & Winners

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Chevron scholarship 2018/2019 result have been an expectation to so many and sorry for those who couldn’t take the exam due to one reason or the other, as we heard first hand that some exam centers could not take the 2018 chevron scholarship exam, after the rescheduling of the test, responses were that the test became more difficult that expectations are dimming. You can check out the discussions on 2018/2019 chevron undergraduate scholarship exam

So many shortlisted candidates who participated in the concluded Chevron Undergraduate Scholarship Aptitude test have been asking and searching for updates on 2018 chevron scholarship test result and winners for the Scholarship.

Questions like When will Chevron Scholarship result be out? have flooded the air and this is what we have currently as regards to that, so that you do not fall a prey to scammers who will impersonate and claim to have inside connections and information.

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This post will give you the answer you need to that question.

CHEVRON Scholarship Result – How to know you’ve won

CHEVRON like Agbami Scholarship follows a procedure for the award process, scoring high in the test (“I believe is not all there is to it due to occurrences we have witnessed in the past”). So how is it done?

  1. A list of winners known as Potential Winners will be sent to your institution without your notice. Don’t rejoice yet, but if your name is on the list be happy but prayerful.
  2. Your department will have to verify presumably if your details are intact and you are really a student of the school. For those who formulate high GPAs to increase their chances of being shortlisted, this is your trap.
  3. If your department is lenient enough, you will know about this development and sometimes you may have to pay something. (Do not say I said so 0o).
  4. The department after doing their job (filling the forms) will send the list back to them.
  5. After a while, if you scaled through the verification, you will receive a mail containing the award letter (A PDF file) and also, it will be sent to your scholastica account. HURRAH!! YOU HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED A WINNER!!!
  6. The mail / award letter will contain the details of the award: like the duration, condition for sustainability and bunch of rules.
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THE AWARD EMAIL FOR AGBAMI LOOKS LIKE THIS which goes for chevron also

“We are pleased to inform you that consequent upon your application ….. and your performance at the aptitude test conducted on ……. you have been awarded a University Scholarship under the ……… Scholarship Award Scheme.

Kindly note that the scholarship award is a merit based scheme and for awardees to remain eligible, they must meet a minimum CGPA of 60% of the university rating per session. By the offer of this scholarship, you are not expected to accept another scholarship from any other Oil and Gas producing company which is in a Joint Venture partnership with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Please, be informed payment information/processes will be communicated to you.

We congratulate you for winning this award and wish you every success in your academic pursuit.

Kind Regards”

This is private and known only to those who won the scholarship.


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This article was crafted with previous experience over the years. The author is aware that procedures may change with time. So there is no guarantee to the completeness and reliability of this content.



Friends Appreciate when you share with them

10 thoughts on “Update for 2018/2019 Chevron Scholarship Results & Winners

  1. Admin, please do you know if chevron has given any feedback whatsoever concerning those those that sat for its scholarship aptitude test?

  2. Pls my account has been block.I was told to contact the administrator.I have sent a message to inform them but yet not response.Has anybody who was shortlisted for the exam also in this predicament

  3. Please for those that were not asked to update their profile recently, does it mean they don’t have hope of getting the award

  4. A message was sent to me on my gmail that i should update my profile, some days later another message was sent that I should update my banks details… Is there hope for me in getting the award.?

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