Amazingly Grow your business with over 7k hits using Mbscholars new platform

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Do you have a business, website, product, event, application that you wish to promote? Do you wish to sell your skills and make more money doing what you love? Mbscholars is the answer you have been searching for. With our platform, you can easily promote your business at a very discounted price.

What platforms are we referring to?

Mail Adverts: We have over 7,000 active subscribers with 36% opens in 8Hrs, that is about (2500 opens in 8 hours). You can place adverts on our newsletters on either the top or bottom after main content.

Email advert placed before and after content

Create Newsletter: We draft a mail using our wonderful templates and customize them to suit your content.

Guest Post/ Reviews: This enables you to submit a post on our website. It can be a post to promote your business, blog, social media handles etc. Your ability to drag the audience is solely up to you. We share your posts to our whatsapp groups and social media handles. There are two provisions:

  • Bare Post: A post is created without notifying the users via email, only social media outlets will be notified
  • Rich Post: Post with email notifications and social sharing also has greater impact

Website adverts: There are two positions for website adverts:

  1. Sponsored Links: We add your link to our sponsored menu located at the side-bar
  2. Header(before content): We add your advert (text or horizontal banner) to the top of our website.
  3. In middle of post: For every post on our website, we add your advert at o.5% of full post.

Our website Stats

  • Email Subscribers: 7000+ subscribers
  • Daily Traffic: 2000 – 4500 views

Download our google analytics report from inception 20180101-20181207

Download our google analytics report for this month December – 20181201-20181207.

Advert Rates

Our advert rates are cheap and built to encourage entrepreneurs and young Nigerians

Website Head Advert 1 day 1,500 3000
In middle of post 1 day 1,000 3000
Sponsored link in menu(Great for SEO) 1 day 500 1000
Guest Bare Post Always on 2,500 5000
Guest Rich Post (recommended) Always on 5,000 8,000
Mail Adverts in post notification 1 week 4,000
Newsletter 1 5,000

How it Works

The process is easy,

  • Send your advert media details to
  • The advert position / type of advert you want
  • The duration
  • We will review your advert and notify you
  • After payments, your advert will start running immediately for the specified duration


  • Link:
  • Text: Join the scholars community
  • Image Link:
  • Duration: 7 days

Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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