REVEALED: Why you don’t get shortlisted for scholarships exams

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Have you ever faced the frustration of applying for a scholarship with your mates and they were all shortlisted but you were not? It is not always your “village people”. This article is prepared as a guide to Nigerian undergraduate students especially freshers to ensure that they get shortlisted for all the scholarships they apply for this year 2018 and beyond.

At the end of this article, you will be in a position to predict whether you will be shortlisted for aptitude test or not with a high degree of accuracy when applying for these scholarships.


For many undergraduate scholarship schemes, being shortlisted is 70% of the game. If you are shortlisted, you have 70% assurance that you will be awarded. This is the reason why we are compiling this article after series of trial and error experiments to decipher which parameters are being utilized in shortlisting students for scholarships.

If you do not want to be left out, ensure you apply all the measures laid down in this article to better your chances of being shortlisted.


Wrong File Naming:

It has been discovered overtime that many students misplace file names during uploads. In scholastica, when creating your scholastica account, you would be required to select from the dropdown the name of the document you intend uploading, this is where mistakes are made. Therefore, before you click on the apply button, ensure you preview the documents you uploaded to improve your chances of being shortlisted.

Inappropriate File Size:

It is recommended that the file size should be between 200kb to 500kb, anything above that can be detrimental if you want to be shortlisted.

Inappropriate File Format:

I usually recommend scanning your files in jpg and (or) pdf format. However, jpg format is more preferred if you must be shortlisted.

Unclear documents:

We have discovered that students sometimes upload scanned copies of photocopied documents, let your original documents (coloured documents) be scanned and ensure that your details are clear in them.

Incomplete documents:

In the article: how to win any undergraduate scholarship in Nigeria, we mentioned that it is very necessary that you obtain your national identification number, it is always required for scholarship application. Although some schemes do not enforce it before shortlisting but it is enforced before awards. Hence ensure that you have all the required documents before applying. See the list of documents you should have prepared prior to application.

Apply for me syndrome:

Many students give their documents to individuals who they think are in the game to apply for them without begin physically present to supervise the application process. At the end, they do not get shortlisted and they still use the same account without identifying if there is anything wrong to apply for other schemes.


If your GP is lower than 2.5 in a 5.0 GP scale you are likely not to be shortlisted.

Late Applications:

Well this is not very obvious, in some scholarship schemes the first to apply has some preference. This is why we are compelling you to subscribe for our scholarship sms alerts(for just #500 * year) or email updates. So that you can join the “first comes”.

Multiple applications.

Submitting multiple applications in some cases can automatically get you disqualified. Although its implementation is rare

Falsified documents.

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Friends Appreciate when you share with them
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  1. Please i have this issue of being a DE student… Dey ask for CGPA at times n ur previous session’s result.. Pls what do I do if I want to apply for a scholarship

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